Breaking Down the Best New Songs of the Week 8/4/20

Every week (ish) I update the Indie Pong playlist with the best tracks in the WORLD. I used to break it down every week but have been a bit lazy, and the requests and cyberbullying are getting to be too much for me, so here is your breakdown. You can follow along and get new

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Rina Sawayama is British: British-Japanese Breakout Star is Deemed Ineligible for 2 Top British Awards

Here are the bullet points: Rina Sawayama was born in Japan and then moved to the UK as a child, and has been living there for 25 years. Rina is signed to a UK record label and the album is recorded and mixed in the UK. You need a British passport to qualify for the Mercury Prize and the Brit Awards, the 2 biggest music awards in the UK.

New Music Flavor – Tom Rosenthal “Jim and Dwight”

What better time to binge watch The Office than during a world wide pandemic months before it’s being removed from Netflix? Luckily, Tom Rosenthal agrees with me and wrote this floaty lil’ tune after watching the entire series at the start of the pandemic. Starting off in a political fashion, the song soon tackles the

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Klo Pelgag – Notre-Dame-des-Sept-Douleurs

As far as albums that I can’t understand the lyrics to go this album is a solid 10. You’d think it would just be downhill from the album’s centerpiece single Umami but it just keeps getting better. Think Yelle 2.0 but like… better? This was one of those albums for me where I flagged the

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Sunday With George: Coheed and Cambria- The Afterman: Descension

I had two introductions to Coheed and Cambria’s music— 3 years apart from each other. My first introduction was in 2009. Partly by chance, “The Willing Well III: Apollo II: The Telling Truth,” made its presence known to me. I was pretty much head over heels, though I didn’t do anything about it. There have

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