4 More Songs To Hear This Week

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In addition to the best of the week, we will also be highlighting some other favorites. This is technically from last week since the big drop (wooo Friday), meh sue me.

Red Shoulder – Squirrel Flower

This is just a great song, plain and simple. It’s a familiar sound, but the Boston native absolutely nails this and got us all shit our pants excited for her album in January.

Always – Rex Orange County

This album is great, enjoyed the whole thing. Rex sounds like the awkward pubescent middle school boy in my heart who just graduated from emo and sings original rock songs in his room in a muffled voice (because he hasn’t found my way yet and doesn’t want an awkward compliment from his parents/my parents), but then got really hot and mastered his voice and now rules the world.

Use This Gospel – Kanye West, Clipse, Kenny G

This is by a guy named Kanye West, I had never heard of him but he’s pretty good. I like how he sing-raps, looking forward to checking out the rest of the discography. I hope it’s as wholesome as this. By the way I hate swearing. I almost skipped this whole album by this no name, but then I saw that the OG Kenny G was on the track so I decided to give it a shot. The production is pretty good.

This is what Kanye West looks like in case you’d never heard of him like me, he’s the one on the right:

Cult – Mad Gatsby

Damn man, I’m down. If I can be honest it was so lit that I hurt my ankle stomping on the floor too aggressively at the concert because when EVERYONE is stomping on the floor you follow suit. This show was crazy, loved every minute of it.

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