This Old Lizzo Song From Before She Was Famous SLAPS

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I was about to read (watch TV) and decided that the American people needed to know about this. One question: have you ever been to Paris?

Biggest takeaway: Lizzo got bars.

Is this song on Spotify: NO, go impress your friends, get laid (maybe? good luck), and blast it loud in your car with the windows down and when someone pulls up next to you:

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Shout out of your window that it’s Lizzo, have you heard of her? Guaranteed friends.

While we’re here let’s just appreciate Lizzo for a minute. This song is technically from 2018 but is “why a man great till her gotta be great” the lyric of the year? Kind of pretty much probably.

Why a job great till it gotta be great?

It’s a pretty unknown low key song but my favorite new Lizzo song is Juice which I think is one of the best songs of the decade:

And like, come on:

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