Best Tracks of the Week 12/10/19

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Heaters this week. A lot of new names, a few legends, and maybe even a Fleetwood Mac cover.

‘Driving Blind’ – Georgia Maq

Georgia Maq - Pleaser

Australia Pong’s Camp Cope’s Georgia Maq just released her poignant and rich debut solo album ‘Pleaser’ which is a welcome addition to an already amazing year in Indie Electro Pop before its end. I personally love how the sounds are so well-nourished and produced but the album still manages to maintain a gritty feel, and on top of all of that the vocals are extremely clear and up front in the production which allows us to enjoy Georgia’s well thought-out lyrics that ring emotionally true.

‘Born To Rap’ – The Game

Awwww yeah, vintage Game here. You’ve got two Games, one that stunts on absolute bangers about Jesus Pieces, etc.:

And the more Introspective Game ™ (shouts out to Last Call and the more introspective Jay) who is a master storyteller painting the portrait in new and inventive ways each time to detail how he got from the streets to where he is now. This is the latter Game, and I’ve got nothing but love for the way this sheds light on the work-hard grind that so many artists seem to think they have the right to skip nowadays.

Image result for the game rapper gif

‘Riding Solo’ – Hinds

Much like the game in his Raindrover with his gun at the end of Born 2 Rap above, Spanish band Hinds is riding solo in this homage to the loneliness we all feel that ironically ultimately unites us. It’s better to be lonely together than lonely alone, namsayin?

‘Pneumonia’ – maxime.

This album, whatevernowiscalled, is AWESOME, enjoyed the whole thing. Maxime. touches on very relatable modern day issues in a fresh your voice that we can’t wait to hear more from. This track is the favorite I chose, but I easily could have picked three or four more from this cataylst album that hopefully acts as a gracious springboard onto superstardom.

‘Only Over You’ – Nautic (Fleetwood Mac Cover)

Fleetwood Mac, the gift the keeps on giving. Since everyone has been basically knocking down my door to find out who my top 5 listened to artists of the year were (literally no one has asked me) I will have you know that Fleetwood Mac came in hot at #4!

  1. Kanye
  2. Carole King
  3. Grimes
  4. Fleetwood Mac
  5. Chance the Rapper

Are you impressed? Let me know.

I know it’s pretty diverse hahahaha.

Anyways this cover is awesome and I can’t get enough of it.

‘Delivery’ – Chela

This came out last month but I SLEPT on it, or rather I HIBERNATED on it because it’s winter and I genuinely don’t want to leave my house ever in the winter.

What an absolutely danceable banger. This song feels like the song that comes on at the prom in a 90’s movie after all of the shenanigans are over, and it’s just three best friends dancing out the remaining few hours of their Senior year.

Image result for blockers dancing gif

‘Go Inside’ – We Are Only Human Once, The Dartfrogs

This song crushes, I love it. The whole album, SevenEighteen is awesome, truly rocks. This, however, is the worst music video I have ever seen:

But that’s okay. The album feels honest and like it’s here to revive a dying breed of musicians playing lofi rock from their core in their basements, collecting fives from all of their friends to scrap together the funds for some bricks of Busch Light. Keep rocking on my dudes!

Image result for we are only human once
Album Cover

Here is the full album on Bandcamp as well if you want to support:

‘That’s Enough (From “Lady and the Tramp”)’ – Janelle Monae

I couldn’t believe this song was an original, Janelle is the greatest.

Also, how Christmas is this? This feels like some waltzing in the rain in the big park that’s in the Lindsay Lohan Parent Trap in London music. Also, are you guys thinking what I’m thinking? Dog gifs? Cool.

Image result for real lady and the tramp gifs
Image result for real lady and the tramp gifs
Image result for american cocker spaniel gifs
Image result for scottish terrier gifs

‘Chrome.exe’ – Digitalism

In a jarring and abrupt change of pace from the light hearted Disney song we just enjoyed here’s some heavy synth electro music.

This is just straight cool. Here are some activities I would do to this song:

Drive with no traffic
Stare down a bad driver in traffic while headbanging
Hack the mainframe
Run on a treadmill for 3 seconds in a movie trailer or Gatorade commercial
High five people as I arrive to the club
Chug club soda at the club because they think I’ve had enough
Go jogging

‘Phoenix Rising’ – Katarra Parson

This St. Louis soul diva released a stunning debut album and this song stands out because it absolutely GORGEOUS.

Songs like this get me so excited about music, so excited that remarkable artists always continue to push the conventions of their genre forward and keep things original. This one’s been on repeat all week, check the whole album out it’s awesome:

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