10 #TBT Hits We Can’t Forget

Anybody else feel old when you search for Jojo and this pops up:

Instead of this:

I’m scared. WE MUST NOT LET OUR ICONS DIE! What happened to our beloved Jojo? Where did she go? A battle with Jojo’s record label forced her into the abyss, and it’s our collective responsibility to bring this superstar back into the spotlight. Can I get a YAS KWEEN?!

I’m afraid we’re losing touch with the musicians who defined us and their one-off hits that got us through prom and finals. Just this week, I met up with my beloved friend and music aficionado, Brian Mates, who admitted: he’d NEVER HEARD OF MIKA:

Therefore, as a self-described wanna-be festival-going groupie, I feel a moral obligation to introduce some, or rather, reintroduce the majority of you to those throwback tunes by singers and bands that we *should* know and love. Cue some indietronica courtesy of Passion Pit:

Two Door Cinema Club shreds, and their longevity proves it. They’ve churned out hit after hit since 2010, but I hold steadfast to the belief that “I Can Talk” is their greatest… Admittedly, I might have a slight bias based on my OBSESSION with this video:

And speaking of shredding: Sleigh Bells. That’s it, that’s the post.

It would be a sin to exclude the ever-brilliant Jenny Lewis, who stole my heart as Rilo Kiley’s indie-rock frontman. Lewis was, and still remains, a force to be reckoned with.

In today’s episode of badass women, Lily Allen spits major truth on “Not Fair” and it’s all too relevant. Ladies, this one’s for you:

Phoenix makes a bad day into a great song in “If I Ever Feel Better,” and guess what?! It works! I prescribe one listen per cry session.

“Such Great Heights” brings back all the feels. I only listened to it fifteen times… per car ride to school….

Last but not least, “You Only Live Once” with 133million+ views. I’m not dancing, YOU ARE!

We stan a good throwback! Any throwback faves? Drop them in the comments below.

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