The Next Big Thing – Northeast Party House

Can we just talk about how hot these three singles are? These guys have been around for around ten years and seem to have a pretty big following in their homeland of Australia (Pong) so they’re not exactly new, but they straight up firework exploded onto my radar with this first song ‘Shelf Life’- song of the year so far, easy.

What’s even going on here, I feel like I just spent a full calendar year on the dancefloor and when I finally left I was older and no longer on my parents health insurance and now had bills to pay and maybe my first gray hair. I’m straight dancing at my computer right now son. Song is making me feel like a 9 year old at Leaps and Bounds (Chi town stand up) who just tried coffee for the first time.

Then we’ve got this track, Dominos.

Like who even are these guys? I’m gonna need the whole crew to roll through LA ASAP and so I can finally reach my penultimate moment where my brain explodes on the dancefloor like that Andy Samberg SNL sketch with the DJ.

Image result for snl drop the bass gif

Compared to their older stuff, I’m getting the feeling that these new songs are a little less warm and touching and instead pack a DGAF edge over some sharper and shinier backing tracks. I can’t see these guys staying under the radar in the US for much longer, these singles are amazing.

Check out Shelf Life and our other best songs of the week on our weekly playlist:

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