Best Songs of 2020 So Far

This also serves as the BEST SONGS OF THE DECADE SO FAR. It’s never too early to start making your list for best of the decade hooray!!!!!!!

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Someone asked me recently what my favorite songs of the year were, so I decided to do what all rational people do to answer and write a full blog post in response full of gifs and links where you have to scroll all the way through it to get the simple answers you are looking for. You can follow along on our weekly playlist here, where all of these songs are featured. Blast that follow button on the playlist for weekly updates:

‘Fog’ – Termination Dust

This whole album kicks ass. It’s got the perfect balance of lo-fi grit and production value and showcases the very welcomed fresh new voices of this Dream Pop band from Alaska. Check out their US tour dates, they are playing in LA soon and I know I’ll be there.

Via Wikipedia, the definition for Termination Dust is- “In Alaska, a light, high-altitude snowfall that indicates the end of summer.” Yes, this album is perfect for that transitional season with it’s driving force moving us from bikini season to hibernation season, and it’s lighter Dream Pop aspects bringing the perfect amount of much needed levity as the days get shorter and the nights get colder. I highly encourage giving it a listen.

‘Flight 319’ – 070 Shake

Man this song hits me hard. Could I tell you what every single lyric means and what it means to ‘get alcohol like an astronaut’? No… but I can broadly say that’s a beautiful and poetic look at how unpredictable and uncontrollable life is and it makes me feel like I need to enjoy every second.

Also, I just read this Youtube comment and I couldn’t agree more:

The sound of the future. That’s why it’s ONE OF THE BEST SONGS OF THE DECADE so far.

’24 Hours’ – Georgia

Yeah I mean this one is just a straight pop heater, ala Robyn, Marina, Carly, but with it’s own distinct voice that while remaining within bounds seems to push the genre forward artistically. Georgia made waves last year with ‘About Work The Dance Floor’ which is a straight heater:

About work the dance floor reminds me of one of my favorite pop songs, so I’m just gonna throw it in here because I can’t help myself:

Damn, Marina gives me chills. Is Georgia the next Marina?

UPDATE: I have new info. Georgia is from the UK, and she actually got her start drumming for… Ready? …

KATE TEMPEST. Who if you live under a rock had our NUMBER ONE SONG OF 2019. At least she played for Kate early in her career, not sure if it was her first gig but wow, it’s a small Indie Pong world out there.

‘Garden’ – GLEAN

I so badly wanted to include the song “Evanston” because that’s where I’m from, but this song is just too good. The nuanced headbangers music from these Minneapolis Minnesota rockers is awesome, excited to see what comes next.

‘Gaudi’ – Capicua

Video NSFW, but also it is SFW? It includes… Yarn Nudity?

This track by the Portugese rapper Capicua is an awesomely honest look at the feeling of getting bored with the repetition or everyday life, and how that uneasy feeling can be subsided with a little art and creativty. Lyrics here.

‘I Go Out at Night’ – Ratboys

I’ve been a big fan of Ratboys from a while, and not just because they’re from Chicago, it’s because Elvis In The Freezer is one of the greatest songs ever, easily one of my favorite of the decade.

Big fan of this new one, classic Ratboys. They’ve got tons of other amazing songs too, my next favorite is You’ve Changed which is also great.

‘Cortex’ – Aunty Social

This song by the self-proclaimed anti-social Aunty Social of Toronto ironically makes me want to go out because it’s such a jam. The kind of songs you listen to driving with your friends as leaves fall from trees in Fall.

‘Air’ – Cub Sport

I know I know this song was released on December 24 of 2019, but it’s so hot that I can’t help myself. My hands are tied. Australia Pong’s Cub Sport have been releasing certified hits for a while but this is a special one to me, absolutely love it. It reminds me of another favorite of mine that I heard in a Kornell Kovacs/Axel Boman set once:

‘Tap the pack’ – Sløtface

Norway’s Sløtface are no strangers to success, they’ve had some pretty big songs already. But this is my favorite so far, have been listening to this one on repeat and am not even close to tired of it, and never will be.

That concludes the roundup from January (not including Jan 31), don’t forget to blast that follow button on our playlist for these songs and many many more each week from now until forever:

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