Perfect Meditation Music: Kelpe’s “Run With the Floating, Weightless Slowness”

This is less so an album review than it is a flagging for our readers, this album is absolutely gorgeous. I don’t usually get excited about stuff like this but try to give everything a listen, and this one sucked me in immediately and blew me away. I don’t know if I can describe it better than the title, “Run With the Floating, Weightless Slowness” pretty much sums it up.

As a writer, I always love stumbling upon an emotively ethereal experience like this, something that takes me on a ride without having to think about it, perfect writing music. Another activity you could do with this is, I don’t know, like, yoga? Or something? Casually knitting while reliving all of the crucial moments that tested your character in your past that made you the person you are today? Staring at a potted plant until the seed you just planted sprouts?

I don’t care, do whatever you want.

This won’t be on the weekly playlist because it’s not really the vibe, but be sure to follow for weekly updates!

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