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Hi y’all I’m new here and I don’t want you take me wrong about the titled of this post it’s more about my presentation (not really talking about me) but you know I need to give you some background.

I’m a freak music lover, I can’t stop spreeding the word (the music) if I enjoy it let you know for sure…one way or anothter. I only wish you can enjoy the music that I like as much as I do and in this way show you some new, cool, hot, awesome and undiscover bands or artist.

That’s kind of my signature, I believe my Playlist #LessThan1000Followers

A Playlist that I’ve been working for the last almost 3 years, it’s constantly (daily) updated, I try really hard to keep the closer to 1K tracks/artist and less than 1 year released (even this way is hugh don’t you think). Always the new tracks adde goes on top so every time you go there you can find fresh new music.

You can find me out there Instragram, Facebook and Twitter as @jpgchief I know I’m a strange case and it’s hard to keep up with me but you always can catch me any time you can or want.

I wanna share with you my first band and newest discovery, they´re Cathedrale a Frech band that sound like a band from Manchester, a little punk, a little indie rock with their debut album Houses Are Built The Same on their way out March 27th lead and debut single Gold Rush ready to go recently released here the video only 12 listeners at Spotify 30 followers (I’m one of them) super excited waiting for next track or album.

If you have any comments I’ll be waiting.


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