Fresh Singles February 2020

Hi… me once again, I know I’m back (too soon), we all know that Fridays are an exciting day, and in this case I’m talking about music, is the best the of the week about New Music.

I have this Playlsit that I work and update daily named Fresh Singles (right now over 460 tracks almost 30 hours non stop music) but I also work a another in parallel exactly the same…Why? I lost my mind? I have nothing else to do? Pick your favorite. This work ethic helps me to have all the hard work that is cuarte this big Playlist save.

This is because each month I delete all the tracks in the Playlist and start all over again from cero (almost), for example next Monday I’m going to take down more than 350 tracks (from day 1 to last week more or less) and only keep the newest 100 tracks added to the Playlist for one more week, Why? For two obvious reasons, the first to give a fair chance to this new tracks to stay at least one week on it, and the second is that no one enjoy a Playlist with 4 or 6 tracks (or the number that I can find next Monday).

Once I have explain my self about the way this works lets move into the sweet new music this next Playlist is the Fresh Singles February 2020 is a secret one, so is hide in my Profile you only can find it here and at Spotify Community searching this name.

And this one is the orginal Fresh Singles that in monday is going to change

Some of the new and tracks added today (release day) are

Bryde that if you enjoy female voice as much as I do this is for you, lead single The Trouble is part of the upcoming album The Volume of Things out May 29th.

Creeper the Southampton punk rock or punk goth band released their lead single last month (Annabelle) and today the second Cyanide part of the upcoming album Sex, Death & the Infinite Void out next May 22.

Finally INU INU love this guys they’re a Netherlands / UK dream pop with the lovely voice of Amber (also play bass) and today deliver their second single Cubed of their secret but upcoming EP (no name yet or release date) but will be out around May, so keep an eye (better an ear) in this guys you can find them also in Playlist Less Than 1000 Followers. This video is their first single Tobiou they haven’t load the new one.

See you next time, I hope you enjoy the almost 40 tracks released today (as singles) in this Playlist and obviously the rest and remember to support your favorites.


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