Summary #TrackOfTheDay Week 09

The name of this thread says I’ll be adding one track daily to this Playlist, the best new track IMHO and I hope you can enjoy it as much as I do. Already five whole months and counting, now more than 150 tracks.

This post is only the summary for this past week number 09 for this 2020 I hope you enjoy it

February 23 2020

The Track Of The Day is for Trepelv’s Waltz the newest single released this past Friday by the composer and pianist Manos Milonakis lead single for the upcoming álbum Seagull out March 13 via piano and coffe records. Relaxing track perfect for this Sunday morning that helps us to calle to mind this gracefull birds flying peacefully in this paradisiac  greek islands (or else where)…a thing of beauty in it’s own right,  both music and fowl. Enjoy it!!!

February 24 2020

The Track Of The Day is for Moving lead single part of his upcoming album titled Third Album by  Markus Floats out May 01. New at Spotify, the track was released las week but he already have  several albums released, based in Montreal.

February 25 2020

The Track Of The Day is for Chasing The Present lead single for the upcoming selftitled album by the composer Snorri Hallgrímsson out March 13, this one isn’t the exception for this Playlist another thing of beauty, an intimate track that help us find a moment of peace and joy in out rushed and busy lives.

February 26 2020

The Track Of The Day is for All Directions At Once the third and newest single released last week by the Swedish composer Olof Cornéer aka Night Gestalt and Joseph Shabason part of the upcoming album Sudden Rituals Vol 1 out tomorrow February 27. 

Beautiful track that might help you find focus on your work, the concentration requiered to get the job done.  Let the music take you to that place you need to be!!!

February 27 2020

The Track Of The Day is for Pulses second single part of the upcoming album Music For 18 Musicians (Steve Reich) by Erik Hall released two days ago and this is the version by Hall for Reich’s masterpiece of minimalism, a 14 tracks work out next May 08

February 28 2020

The Track Of The Day is for Music the third track of the beautiful somophore album I Am As You Are Pt 1 by Sophie Michalitsianos aka Sol Seppy a really thing of beauty not only this track but the whole album.

This is the whole Playlist in case you want to listen to it and stay tuned

See you next week!!!

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