Summary #TrackOfTheDay Week 10

Once again back with this thread, the best new track IMHO and I hope you can enjoy it as much as I do. Already five whole months and counting, now more almost 160 tracks.

This post is only the summary for this past week number 10 for this 2020 I hope you enjoy it

February 29 2020

The Track Of The Day is for Hyphae lead single by electronic musician Laurel Halo released a couple of days ago and part of the upcoming album score of the documental Possessed out next April 10. Spotify Youtube


March 01 2020

The Track Of The Day is for Felis Cactus and Silence first track of the new self titled album by Japanese musician Leo Takami an extraordinary beauty inside this 7 track work. Spotify Youtube


March 02 2020

The Track Of The Day is for Couriers track part of the new album Hope Lives in Doubt by Abstrac Aprils released last week. This is that kind of album that helps you to fly away or at least let your mind take an instrospecitve journey to those secret places of your memory. Spotify Youtube


March 03 2020

The Track Of The Day is for Here Be Dragons part of the selftitled album relealsed last month, a beautiful  and tender track by saxophonist Oded Tzur. Youtube


March 04 2020

The Track Of The Day is for We lead single released yesterday part of the upcoming album The Soft Pink Truth by Drew Daniel one of the two members of the electronic group Matmos in this project under the moniker The Soft Pink Truth. Spotify Youtube undefined

March 05 2020

The track of the day is for Arduous Clarity lead single realeased yesterday part of the upcoming album Peripetia by Rafael Anton Irisarri out May 22.  At least this single seams to me a little more ambient-noisy (if such thing exist) that his previous work without loosing it’s beauty. -Spotify Youtube undefined

March 06 2020

The track of the day is for Atomised lead single of new album by GoGo Penguins out May 01 this single ilustrates perfectly the kind of heartfelt music that this trio has us used to. Spotify Youtube undefined

March 07 2020

The track of the day is for Longhope lead single of the upcoming album Hether Blether by Erland Cooper this is the final album of the trilogy Orkney Triptych (according with the musician explores the natural world of his homeland through an evocative mix of music, words and imagery) Spotify Youtube


This is the whole Spotify Playlist in case you want to listen to it and stay tuned

See you next week!!!

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