Hot Stuff 2020 (Metal Week 11)

Week in and wee out I’m searching for the hottest of the new music…yes also in this metal world… Metal, Doom, Stoner, Psychedelic Rock, Death Metal, Black Metal, Sludge Metal, Progressive Rock, Avant Garde Metal, Noise Rock, Alernative, Experimental… you name it. Disclaimer The idea in this Playlist is only one track per band and today was released the second single Rubbernecker of the upcoming album Vicerlas by the Stoner band Pigs X 7 (but the first single Reducer is already in this Playlist so that’s why this one is out) anyway don’t missed it Rubbernecker at Spotify Rubbernecker Youtube pigs After that announcement we go straight to this week top 10 new tracks 1 Greg Puciato (LA) and his lead single Fire for Water released early this month part of the upcoming debut full length Child Soldier: Creator of God mathcore undefined 2 Green Carnation (Norway) release their first new track after 2018 Last Day Day Of Darkness (Concert Export I) and it’s the lead single for the upcoming album Leaves of Yesteryear out on May 08. Progressive Metal / Epic. undefined 3 Dool (Netherlands) second single Wolf Moon of their upcoming album Summerland out April 10 Metal / Dark Rock So far both singles are dark and winning streams promptly. undefined 4 Ulcerate (New Zealand) lead single the last new music friday Stare Into Death and Be Still (stunning track over 8 minute mark) part of self titled 6th new album out April 24 Death Metal / Progresive Death Metal. undefined 5 Imonolith (Canadian) release their fourth and final single Becoming the Enemy last Friday part of their debut album State Of Being out March 27 featuring members from Devin Townsed Project, Threat Signal, Methods of Meyhen and Ecoline Crush this super group is one of the highly spected albums this month. Metal undefined 6 Sojourner (New Zealand) also from last Friday The Deluge is the lead single for the new and upcoming album Premonitions out May 08 a great track by this atmospheric metal band leave us with the desiere for more. undefined 7 Radar Men From The Moon RMFTM from last week the lead single Eden In Reverse part of their 6th album The Bestial Light out May 08 Experimental / Stoner undefined 8 Temnein (France) first single since 2017 The Knotted Bag and part of the upcoming album Tales: Of Humanity and Greed out May 22th. A 10 track work Melodic Death Metal undefined 9 The Swell Fellas (Maryland) just released an album The Big Grand Entrance back in January and now they’re back with maybe with their best track so far Acid Tone hard to spot enjoying this riffs!!! Psychedelic rock / space rock / stoner rock undefined 10 Maserati (Georgia) Killing Time released this Monday is the third single part of their upcoming 6 track album Enter The Mirror first album in 5 years and also marks their 20 years as a band post rock / krautrock undefined The whole Playlist here already 100 tracks released as singles or part of an album this year Hot Stuff 2020 Never enough riffs but it’s all for this week, see you next!!!

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