Big Mood Music

Mercury’s no longer in retrograde, but I’m still feeling that VIBE. The universe keeps spewing off big dick energy, keyword: dick, and we deserve a curated playlist to help us trudge through its mess. I’ve done the dirty work for you and dug up some f*ck off favorites and feel yourself flavors to entice your eardrums. Let’s kick it off! “Alexa, play PS GFY by Griz!”

Yas live sax! Yas sock-it-to-ya lyrics! We stan an honest electro-funk king! Grant Kwiecinski, better known as Griz, is a 28 year old Michigander, who has far more success than me at this age. It’s true, we can’t all mix live instruments with electronic beats and still turn it into political commentary… But Griz can, and you should see him live at your next music festival.

Fun fact: Dan Luke is the younger brother of Cage The Elephant frontman, Matt Shultz. With the gift of genetics on his side, Dan launched his own band aptly titled “Dan Luke and The Raid,” characterized by easy breezy beachy beats that’ll catch on the tip of your tongue.

Brokenhearted? Damn, sucks for you!

Jusstttt kiddinnngg, we’ve all been there. It’s a bummer. And lovelytheband is here to help. With a vibe reminiscent of Two Door Cinema Club and Foster The People, lovelytheband thrives in the love lost-and-found department.

Don’t judge a song by the film it appears in and take a moment to embrace the beauty that is AN ANDERSON PAAK X JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE collaboration! “Don’t Slack” dropped TODAY and so did I! #Deceased

Grouplove is back and better than ever! If your anger manifests as an indie pop banger, this is that banger.

Rock out with your empowerment out! – I made that phrase up, let’s goooo! Doja Cat is a triple threat: singer, rapper, producer. An Angeleno through and through, Doja Cat brings justice to my hometown: the valley.

And speaking of rap, Rhapsody is climbing the hierarchy. I mean hellllooo, she’s already collaborated with Kendrick Lamar. “Oprah” will have you throwing money out your car window… so contain yourself! And dance along to the good beats instead.

“Fvck Somebody” is a MOOD. Ever felt trapped by a partner? GUILTY! The Wrecks relate, and they have a beautifully quirky music video to match.

I don’t know about you, but I could never get enough Dylan Minet. *He’s soooo cute!* The star of “Thirteen Reasons Why” is a breakout musician in his band Wallows, and I’m DEFINITELY NOT BIASED OR ANYTHING. “These Days” nails our lack-of-commitment-culture. “I need to know if you’re feelin it or I’m wasting my time.” — THIS. But just to be clear Dylan, I’m totally feeling it please slide into my DMs…

Bad date? I CAN RELATE. “It’s Not All About You” touches me so deeply it sees my soul. Clyde and Gracie Lawrence are dynamic soulful siblings on the verge of a Finneas x Billie moment.

There you go, a solid hour of music to kick your day into high gear. New fave song? Tell me in that comment section!

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