New Music Flavor – Yumi Zouma “Truth or Consequences”

Raise your hand if you’re working from home in sweats today. Now put your hand down because I can’t see you. Also, go wash your hands while you’re at it. I was going to create a COVID-19 survival playlist for today, but it looks like about a thousand people beat me to it – leaving room for me to gush over Yumi Zouma.

Yumi Zouma, as seen on my infamous WIGS playlist with “Right Track / Wrong Man”, dropped the corresponding album “Truth or Consequences” today. Their dreamy first release with Polyvinyl.

The four piece act from New Zealand pairs soothing vocals with relatable lyrics, and electropop chill beats with notes of curiosity. If you’re getting nervous about COVID-19, wash your hands and put on this album. It’s sure to calm your nerves like a nice huff of eucalyptus oil. Look how brave these friends are in this video – they’re out in the wild! Making contact with other humans! Oh, what a world we used to live in.

This album serves as mediation for those who haven’t quite perfected the art. We’re all stuck at home, you might as well listen to something that’s going to help your soul breathe a bit. Listen to the full album below and drop me a line with your favorite track, I haven’t been able to pick one yet!

May peace and health be with you all, and for the love of music STOP hoarding toilet paper and spiraling into hysteria.

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