March Albums Worth A Listen

Disclaimer I want to start this saying that I’m not going to talk about the albums released last friday, I haven’t the chance yet to listen most of them, but hopefully next month will be their time.

March is almost gone and I knwo some of you haven’t the time to listen to some new albums, time is a precious thing so I’m going to give you 10 indie or alternative Albums that I really enjoy this month and some of them from really little knows artist but that worth a listen.

10 Naked Six Lost Art of Conversation A 3 piece alt rock band based in Machester Released last March 06. I’m only going to say that this band is part of my last year Playlist 100 Underground Tracks 2019 (Only bands Less Than 1,000 Followers) and I was really waiting for this album.

9 ROCH Via Media an independet artista from London Singer and songwriter, album released March 06 very beautiful voice 44 minutes well invested in this debut album

8 No Aloha Rage, Love & Devotion somophore album for this band releasede last February 28 and you can find here a high energy tracks english and spanish a very nice mixed, tons of riffs, fun, fun, fun. Love this one and I’m shocked because they have so few followers and this isn’t fair don’t you think? So if you enjoy it show them some love.

7 False Heads It’s All There but You’re Dreaming debut album from Essex UK a punk rock band  that with their lead single Rabbit Hole left me wainting for more but nothing arrived until the release of this whole album, great British alternative rock.

6 Annabel Lee Let The Kid Go from Bruselas released March 20 a band that sound so fresh that since you start listening it’s inevitable to stop doing whatever you’re doing and turn your head and pay attention to the music, joyfull indie rock beyond the lyrics.

5 Twisted Wheel Satisfying The Ritual  released March 20 another band from Manchester they wait only 8 year to release this new album (long wait finaly over if you were already  fan) and if not this one must turn you into one, more riffs for us to enjoy!!!

4 Human Impact selft titled debut album released March 13 this supergroup realesed their lead single back in December 06 2019 November (their most streamed song so far) and then E605 in January 17, Consequences February 12 and finally Cause March 06 wicked good noise rock/metal

3Wasted Shirt, Ty Segall, Black Pus Fungus II released February 28 This is a must listen album  a collaboration between this two legends (Segall and Chippendale) working together to create this  experimental album that sound so much to both (last year Lightning Bolt album Sonic Citadel) and the garaje sound of Ty is an experience you need to live.

2 Porridge Radio Every Bad released March 13Brighton UK This is going to be one of the best albums this year no doubt. Brilliant lyrics and great music what else can you ask for?

1 The Wants Container March 13 Brooklyn NY another debut album in this countdown this is hard to pigeonhole but let’s say you can find post punk, synth pop and alterative rock and this is more than enough for me, they really got me since lead single Clearly a Crisis from last year (May) and then we have to wait untlil Feary Society (they were only getting higher each release)  and the third single The Motor wow, wow, wow… I hope you can enjoy this one as much as I do.

This is the Playlist with only one track from each album.

I hope you can find something you really enjoy!!!

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