Contermporary Jazz Albums From March

Do you like Jazz? If you don’t give you the chance to listen some of the fantastic albums released this past March that was a great month for Jazz, let’s go an take a look to some of them

Hailu Mergia by Yene Mircha was released last Friday, a 6 tracks album that you’re going to love it, this guy is a genius of the accordonist and his music is hard to resist, this is the first track and under the whole album

An experimental album really avant garde stuff Three by The Necks, I wrote this yestarday in my thread #TrackoftheDay The Track Of The Day is for Lovelock one of three tracks part of the newest album titled precisely Three by the legendary Australian instrumental “trio” (once again three) The Necks  released last Friday, all experimental tracks over 21 minutes mark and this one is my favorite but was hard to pick.“

Irreversible Entanglements the album Who Sent You? Another excellent work only 5 tracks but 43 minutes of pleasure this is avant garde jazz and poetry and soul and they say this is the future…maybe is too much? I don’t think so but better listen youself and you will find your own anwser.

Hideto Sasaki and Toshiyuki Sekine Quartet + 1 released last Friday Stop Over (1976 reissue) an album that feels really like the old time Jazz or let’s say a style of Jazz more classic but definitely beautiful.

And IMHO one of the best (if this is possible because the previous albums are phenomenal) is Big Vicious by Avishai Cohen and Big Viscious I wrote this last month The Track of the Day is for an old and dear friend Teardrop (Massive Attack) second single part of the upcoming album by Avishai Cohen and Big Vicious out next March 27. It’s a beatiful interpretation by this avant garde trumpeter that I hope you enjoy it as much (or more) than the original.”  But the whole álbum is a truly a gem.

We can go on and on and on but if you wanna discover more great Contemporary Jazz tracks released not only as part of an album but also as singles you can always visit the Playlist and in this way you’re going to be updated about all the new releases that I can fin. Riht now over 310 gourgeus tracks

Cheers see you next time!!!

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