New Music Flavor – Kllo “Still Here”

We’re all quarantined going slightly quaran-sane, but Kllo is here to remind you that they are “Still Here” despite the chaos. While some of us are really enjoying the time and space and other silver linings this quarantine has to offer, there are just as many people who are not doing okay. Though this track has some upbeat moments, it stays true to Kllo’s healing and calming energy – perfect for someone needing a breath of fresh air to help align their peace of mind during this pandemic. This song matches the uncertainty that we’ve become accustomed to living with while providing a comforting ease that we’re still here, life is moving on and we’re all healing and adapting at our own speeds. Dare I say this song leaves me with a sad euphoria? Or is that the quaran-sanity kicking in?

Is it concerning // It’s all uncertain // See I am hopeless // I am still here

Their debut album was Backwater in 2017, with a few singles along the way – so it’s nice to hear they’re still kickin’ it. Before announcing to the world that they are “Still Here”, Kllo let us know that they came back to us last October with “Back To You”. A mellow daytime track expressing the journey of an overthinking lover. Still relevant as we sit here with nothing but time on our hands, nothing but time to overthink relationships and encounters and drive ourselves crazy with all this free time.

I discovered Kllo the first week I moved to Los Angeles, and they’ve always floated in the back of my mind and graced a few of my playlists. Something that really struck me about Kllo is their natural ability to keep you mellow and grounded while still sparking calm creativity. There’s something fresh in this latest track that leaves me with anticipation for their upcoming project. The Melbourne duo, made up of cousins Chloe Kaul and Simon Lam, plan to release their sophomore album Maybe We Could on July 17th.

Until then, stay mellow, stay safe, and keep supporting your favorite artists!

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