Debut Bands (Off The Radar)

April 16 2020

I’m kind of suprised about all the new bands borning in this month (year), the COVID-19 Bands? I’m not sure how they’re going to be known in the long run or remembered but is better if we talk about this bands.

I love to find new bands and even better if is release day (this means 0 followers 0 stremas at least at the profile) let’s see today I find two in this case

1 Same Side The Way It Seems  debut  single and so few information for this kind of bands, but I can say that they’re going to release and EP available May 29 out via Pure Noise Records

2 Summerwind Directive Ajna an instrumental track, nice one unfortuantly no more info for this band only that they drop this track via Distrokid

From yesterday April 15 also two more artist

3 BPMD Toys in the Attic well this one isn’t really unknown (Bobby Blitz Overkill Mike Portnoy Dream Theater and Phil Demmel exMachine Head)  the track with this pedigree is already over 30 K strems at Youtube, out via Napalm Records   

4 Tim K Speechless a lovely balad and nothing else no twitter, instagram or FB, no info at all, a nice track, let’s wait and see.

5 The Jaded Hearts Club This Love Starved Heart of Mine (It’s Killing Me) Like BPMD this guys are well known (Miles Kane TLSP and Graham Coxon Blur Nice Sester Jet Matt Bellamy Muse what? This is another supergruop and they just release their second track, also a cover as the first one (Nobody but Me) and now Marvin Gaye’s turn with This Love Starved Heart of Mine (It’s Killing Me)

6  Muzz Read Western Sky yes!!! You’re right another supergroup and yesterday release their third single and each one I’m loving more this new concept

7 TV Priest CHouse Of York long time Friends yesterday release their debut single and it’s a banger that gets me excited and wanting for more….

Also in this Playlist Honey I Shot The President but I already talk about this guys in the article Birminham Scene back in March 25 but I’m going to share with you their new EP released two days ago

Not the same case for Salmon Cat but they’re this week in Playlist #12NewSongsThisWeek so you can check them out there it’s my previous article published this Thursday.

8 The Lounge Society Generation Game another UK band I just can’t help myself, love the sound of this bands and this mates are awesome great british sound, right now they’re a long shot but I really hope to be witness one of the next big bands from this music scene.

9 Yard Act The Trapper’s Pelts one more band from Uk this one Leeds, and another great track to enjoy released last week is also their debut single and sadly I have no more information.  

10 Aldrovanda Magnetized  femal metal band….you need more to feel excited?  In this case I was lucky enough that lead guitarist Rebecca reach me out and let me know their existence, therefore I’m deeply grateful, this is their second single they’re based in Spotify land (Stockholm, Sweden) where metal bands Bloom in heaps.

This is the Spotify Playlist that will be updated every time I find a “new band”

Debut Bands (Off The Radar)

Enjoy it and stay tune if you want to be updated with new hot and cool artista.

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