Less Than 1,000 Followers Week 16

This are my TOP10 tracks added yesterday and today from bands #LessThan1000Followers but take a step back first to my Playlist 100 Underground Tracks 2019 please.

Last year I work out a Playlist called 100 Underground Tracks 2019 and at the TOP 10 was from 1 to 10 Cagework  (just released two new songs at the end of last month), Charmides and Ugly Mothers (both debut singles, so far the only tracks for them), Kills Birds and Black Leather Jacket (both an absolutely awesome debut albums) Lake Acacia (with new track released back in January) Right Hand Left Hand (Zone Ruoge album), NOISY (two new singles this year), Shade (with the debut EP from November) and Shadows Of A Silhoutte (new track Worthless released this year) all this bands were also part of Playlist Less Than 1,000 Followers.

Here the whole Playlist

Why I’m talking about this? It’s easy

1 The first reason is because today Saturday April 18 Shade also shared their new single Neverdie in their own words “We’he been working on it for about 4 years now since we were kids n it’s our most we’ll know song yet, it’s never released “ until today.


And they keep going “the song is about rock and roll music and how it’ll Never die, it’s got a lot of quotes to other we’ll know rock songs there and we give the name sally the meaning of rock and roll music as may bands have used the name in their songs so we give it a meaning”

Here the link for the song a truly catchy  with a warm melancholic that you’re going to listen over and over and over again until you be satisfied. I’m not sure if it’s only me but this track makes me think in Oasis….What about you?

And also the debut EP from last year

2 And the second reason is that yesterday was released the new single by Pint + Blister Dysthymia and they were at 11 in the 100 Underground Tracks 2019 and it feels really good to see this bands growing and moving forward even in this adverse times. The track is all I can expected!!!

3 Backseat Vinyl Bad Trip another band part of the 100 Underground Tracks 2019, also yesterday delivered this track sound fantastic and I’m happy for them, they are now almost 900 followers so their days in this Playlist are almost over, congratulations guys!!!

4 Bugs TNick Gowland also yesterday a Brand new band born,, well not really true but cerntantly release their debut single that it’s promising to say the least with a beautiful female voice that as a mermaid enchant our ears. (They’re curruntly working in the video for this track so no Youtube link yet)

5 The Swell Fellas Placebo this is the new track by our stoner rock friends also full of psychedelia  a monster track over 8 minutes mark a thing to sit and enjoy (headphones preferred)

6 VERO Heaven on Earth more female vocals for our enjoyment know with this girl trio from Stockholm and this title track from their upcoming EP with 3 more new track droping April 22 great indie pop / alt pop.

7 Tyrants TMouthful Another band that had been added to the Playlist Debut Bands (Of The Radar) back in February 21 released their debut single and yesterday their second track they’re from the Black Country with a cool riffs something  between punk and alternative rock that it’s addictive as hell.

8  Bullet Girl Heatred Irish post punk band emerging stronger after been out there for a while now founding their own identity and sound.  

9 The Arthurs Void from Rotterdam Amsterdam this alternative/indie rock band is coming back for their somophore album Leave This Town with this their third single second this year and is hard to resist to this riffs and that vocals in the background creating such an dreamlike atmosphere.

10 FLTY BRGR GRL Slowdance talking about dreaming stuff this couple of girls from Olso Norway that I’ve follow since last year that deliver their debut single with Be My Boy in November 08 and yesterday was the turn of this new track released with this video and as they said “a song about a crush” enjoy it!!!

This is the Spotify Playlist where you can find a more than 1,000 bands as good as this 10.

Less Than 1,000 Followers

Enjoy it and stay tune if you want to be updated with new hot and cool artista.

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