New Music Flavor – Songs To Dance Naked To On Your Roof

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Upbeat, groovy, stoner chill songs to get down to your skivvies to and shake it loose. I present you with A Very Classy 420: Songs To Dance Naked To On Your Roof – because it’s quarantine, and anything goes right?

To be honest, this hobby is something I do must sunny days out of the year, but if you’re someone more reserved and looking for an excuse to get out of your shell a bit, hopefully this playlist will help!

I tried compiling a list of 420 songs, but after 3 hours of OCD segueing only 190 songs….I decided to give you 42 songs to help keep it loose and free this weekend.

Some oldies but goodies from Allah-Lahs, Electric Guest, Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Sure Sure tied in with some newer tracks from The Strokes, Caroline Rose and plenty more mixed in between. Drop trow and give this playlist a groove.

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