Debut Bands (in earnest)

Happy 4-20 to you’all this is another post about Debut Bands and the newest additions is one that I really fall in love with their sound and their history and wanna share it with you.

in earnest put me under  debut  single released last Friday by this UK  trio aged between 25-31, and in their own words  “we’ve found that a lot of people find it hard to pin a genre on us. The nearest we can describe it is ‘sad indie’ – we sing a lot about mental health and like to encourage conversations around that topic”. This is part why I already love them (in my case I have a son that suffer with depression so I have a clear idea about mental health issues)

Some of the bands that ha part of their influences are  Phoebe Bridgers, Boygenius, Elliot Smith, Dodie, Paramore among others.

Currently they’re working in new music “two of us live together, so we’ve been able to do some music while in lockdown. We’re currently working on a collaboration video with all three of us in! We’ve also been doing yoga, reading lots of books and doing live-streams. 

I want to thank Sarah for sharing this words with us and this is the track that you can find also in Playlist #LessThan1000Followers and #FreshSingles

This is the Spotify Playlist that will be updated every time I find a “new band” already 26 of them.

Debut Bands (Off The Radar)

Enjoy it and stay tune if you want to be updated with new hot and cool artista.

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