9 New Music EP’s For You

Honestly last Friday I couldn’t find at least 9 EP’s but during this week were released some others, there for we now have 9 EP’s to present

Don’t forget to visit   https://indiepong.com/2020/04/14/12-new-songs-this-week-16/  already updated with more than 370 tracks released only this month days and growing. Also checkout the new lineup for https://indiepong.com/2020/04/14/12-new-songs-this-week-16/ also I have change my own rules here (now I’m going to have 48 tracks each week, only new 12  and the last 3 weeks also added in this way the artista/bands are going to be out there more time for all of us and at the end a Playlist with 48 tracks is around 3 hours) now we’re ready let’s go to this new EP’s released during last Friday and this week:

1 Emmett Kai Marigold New York Indie pop / Wait I know that if you’re following this articles this guy was already at the beginning of April: true and this time he only added one more track

2 Hayley Williams Petal For Armor II Well this girl doen’t need introduction you know her pretty well and she has been releasing tracks constantly all year long and yesterday release the newest Dead Horse so between two EP’s she’s already 10 tracks (an album)

3 Vero  Heaven on Earth Stockholm Today this trio with their intoxicanting sound  release their fourth track Spin that with the previous three made up EP Indie Pop / Alt Pop And as they said be ready becuase this is only the beginning because they’re already working in their debut album  probably e at the end of this year or early of next

Also Clara not only share with us all this info she also wanna share this Playlist that works as their inspiration, so if you want  to know this mix of songs this girls enjoy here is the link.

4 Incubus Trust Fall (Side B) Yes this guys are back and last Friday release this EP that surely is going to please even the very first Incubus fans. This sounds more like the best of (maybe I let myself go to far with this but…) than a normal EP.

5 Beverly Kills Elegance in a State of Crisis  This might be my favorite EP in this 9, they’re from Sweden and their post punk sound is fantastic, weird they still are in the Playlist #LessThan1000Followers but I believe they are not going to be there for long.

6  Primordial Tides The Backyard Sessions USA Another band with less than 1,000 followers, If you enjoy instrumetal music with good metal riffs, if you feel ok with progressive rock (or metal) this guys are for you

7 Israel Nash Topaz Folk from USA a beautiful 5 track work that is really the A side of the upcoming new album. His message “I hope this tunes can be a friend to you as well in these crazy and uncertain times. Enjoy! Hang in there, be inspired, then insipere”

8 Sonny Elliot Under Covers From UK this brothers deliver this EP in 2018 but for some reason (mistake) Spotify says that was released this past Mondey (something went wrong)

But thanks to this mistake you can listen not only this work but their newest single New Moon also a thing of beauty  released last month

I asked them what their doing right now and they answer this “All we want to focus on is writing and releasing, we have a picture in our heads of the music we want to make and the level we want to be at. We plan on releasing a string of singles over the next couple years, developing our sound and growing our audience. We’ve released everything we have done through our own label, so maybe that’s something we can develop as well.”

And about their favorite artist “Our favourite artist is hard to choose, we have both grown up liking such a variety of music and it’s all helped to come together and create our vision. I would personally say Elliott Smith is my favourite, just from a songwriting point of view I don’t think there is anybody better. His lyrics, melodies and instrumentation can be just scary genius at points. He’s half made me want to give up at points he’s so good.”

9 Natalie Shay Naked UK The 21 years old Indie Pop singer/songwriter  present last Friday her debut Ep and if you enjoy Pop music this is definitely for you.

Remember that you can find tracks from this EP’s an more in Playlist

Less Than 1,000 Followers

Alterindie State Of Mind

Enjoy it and have fun remember to keep yourself save and sound!!!

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