New Music Friday 9 Ep’s For You

Another New Music Friday is here and this are some new EP’s released today for you  

1 Darren Campbell The Homecoming love the music by this scotish folk rock indie singer songwriter in his own words I am excited to share my new 4 track EP ‘The Homecoming EP’ . The sound of this EP is influenced by all the my favourite bands from the early 2000s. During this time in lockdown, I am constantly writing new music and planning my releases for the remainder of the year”

2 Hotel Lux Barstool Preaching From UK Punk  Today they announced in five Instagram post this info I’m only sharing the first track but you can go and check the other fourth. By the way nice work. The first two tracks we already know, so we have three new to enjoy.

“Track 1: ‘Tabloid Newspaper’ – That old saying of the journo’s cut, paste and twist is the same in songwriting. Just no-one admits it. These 3 verses and a silly chorus is our confession.”

3 25th Hour  XXV  Is the debut EP by this UK band an odl Friends for Playlist Less Than 1,000 Followers) today they’re back and Shae lead guitar for this indie/alternative band share with us this “Every song on the ep is written by a different member of the band and it showcases our different influences but in our own ways We try to find a bridge between indie and alternative bands such as 90s bands Oasis and the Cranberries to Present day modern day bands like Catfish and the Bottlemen and The 1975”

4 Naoise Roo Scik Girlfriend Alternative/Dreamy Dublin Another work that about mental helth issues, fun fact isn’t only release day for this girl is also her birthday so Happy Release Day and HBDay to you!!!

5  Lunacy The Search For Fallen Field USA Pennsylvania Experimental / Ambient Electronic This one is deep, dark, enigmatic, strange but above all those things is captivating.

6 Kali Uchis To Feel…  This week this annouced at an Instagram post “can’t give you my album yet, but I record some demos in my room for u” ant the art cover is to say the least sexually explicit and for that reason has been cencored everywhere.


7 Zsela Ache Of Victory New York indie pop Singer songwriter with a beutiful voice in this her debut EP WARNING You could be bewithced so listen at your own risk.  

8 Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit Dreamcicle is the new track released in this fourt track EP all this tracks are part of the upcoming album Reunions out Next May 15

9 Carling Keep Going Back This one was released two days ago and two of the five tracks were already out there gaining streams, with a pop sound  with a chill vibe it’s easy to enjoy.

Remember that you can find tracks from this EP’s an more in Playlist

Less Than 1,000 Followers

Alterindie State Of Mind

Enjoy it and have fun this weekend remember to keep yourself save and sound!!!

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