April Albums Worth A Listen

Hi y’all, is nice to be here once again April is almost gone and this is the first time this year that my TOP 10 Indie / Alternative albums have 5 weeks instead of 4, that means more albums to choose from, so it’s better not to wast more time.

10 Cathedrale  Houses Are Built The Same  These Frech guys really sound great, you can find in this work tracks that sound garage rock, fuzz, indie rock, alternative and post-punk simply they’re my favorite French band right now (I was waiting for this album too long but finally we got it and it’s a rewarding album to listen to.)

9 Other Lives For Their Love From USA Here another interesting mix of genres and sounds we go between Folk, Americana, Indie Rock, and Alternative, it’s a beautiful work with a cinematic and hypotonic sound that is hard to get satisfied and need to get back and listen over and over and over.

8 BC Camplight  Shortly After Takeoff  Another great work released this month, it’s incredible how this guy can make a song sound so beautiful while talking about such deep shit like in Back To Work “I Told My Mom I want to kill myself….” Meanwhile, Cemetery Lifestyle brings to my mind David Bowie’s kind of sound, definitely an album you can’t miss.

7 Jeffrey Silverstein You Become The Mountain This is an album to sit, relax and enjoy, let the music take you away, through these beautiful soundscapes with this experimental folk so delightful.

6 Girl Skin Shade is on the Other Side  Another debut album as beautiful as you can get, they’re so cleaver the put as the opening track Forever and Always that also was their lead single for this album that with their captivating chorus and harmonies alongside violins it’s easy to be seduced by their sound.

5 Lewsberg In This House  Rotterdam, Netherlands Love this band since forever, well that’s how I felt when I discover their debut single Non-fiction Writer back in 2017 or early 2018 they’re in my Playlist Less Than 1,000 Followers for a while, obviously not anymore not as fast as I would love but they keep growing with this mix of spoken word/alternative rock that defines their essence.

4 Waxahatchee Saint Cloud This, without doubt, is her best work to date, with a sound more into the Americana that the previous indie-rock is another strong contender for my TOP 100 albums 2020.

Sorry 925 From London this guys with their single Starstyruck already show what they’re made of back in 2018 and we only can do nothing but wait for  this fantastic debut album for more than a whole year  by this independent band not only for this month surely this is going to be one of the best albums of the year, don’t waste more time and listen to it.

2 Fiona Apple Fetch The Bolt Cutters  This is one the few albums to get a perfect 10 by Pitchfork, defined as a masterpiece you can agree or not but it’s certainly an incredible work, to say the least.

1 The Strokes The New Abnormal You can call me a die-hard fan (in fact I’m) but this album is even better than any fan could have been waiting for since the very first track until the last there is no waste in this work.

Enjoy it and have fun this weekend remember to keep yourself save and sound!!!

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