Waxahatchee “Saint Cloud”

What have I been listening to lately? Well, it’s been “Saint Cloud” from a songstress named Katie Chrutchfield, or as her friends call her Waxahatchee.

By the way, that was literally the first time I’ve spelled this artist’s name correctly. I even found her website. I was fully expecting to find out that the name Waxahatchee was the name of a long lost Native American tribe from the delta planes that invented the A-B rhyming pattern or some shit. According to her website, “Waxahatchee comes from a creek not far from her childhood home in Alabama and seems to represent both where she came from and where she’s going”.

Symbolism man.

Did a little more research and found some areas in this remote area just outside of Shelby, Alabama that may be a bit easier to spell for a band name. We got Camp Branch (solid, possibly pop punk leaning), The Narrows (indie doo wop punk revival), Sawmill (bluegrass babeyyyy). You get it. I know how to use google maps.


This album is full of absolute BOPS. We got “Fire”, opening with a stripped-down, subdued piano that serves as an offsetting bassline to the falsetto when WaxHatch comes in hot. Belt that shit out my kween. It’s layered masterfully, slowly building, adding instruments. The song has a palpable texture to it. Fleetwood Mac if they were from Shelby County much?! (Google Maps).


Whereas “Fire” was a bit more pop leaning, “Lilacs” decided to get it’s country on. I like that. Gimme a pack of cigarettes, a six pack of Bud Light, and me and my boys and my boy’s boys are absolutely riding to this shit.



Daw and his boys and his boy’s boys are sitting in their respective truck beds. “Lilacs” by Waxahatchee blares out of one of their truck radios “If I’m a broken record/write it in the dust babe”


Yeah, man you’re right guys do rule, and girls definitely drool. Sorry, sometimes I can be so morose.

Daw’s boy

Yeah man, its rough out there, man. Like super poignant shit. Pass me a but light, man.

Daw’s boy’s boy

Got you man.

I’ll fill myself back up like I used to do/And if my bones are made of delicate sugar/I won’t end up anywhere good without you



Here are some other great songs to check out on this album:


“Hell” gives me a little bit of Wilco circa Summerteeth. Honestly, for a song entitled “Hell” it’s pretty upbeat and bright. A great song for summertime vibes.


“War” I like the guitar in this a lot when the song opens up for the chorus. I mean I’m really getting a lot of Fleetwood Mac vibes in this album a lot, but I don’t wanna admit it because then the cool kids may not think I’m cool anymore.


“Ruby Falls”, my sad boy song for the night. I cannot wait to listen to this song walking through the streets of Chicago, despondent, zig zagging alleys and yelling at the moon because it thinks it’s better than me.


I really hope who ever reads this really enjoyed it. Have a great life, turds.

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