Blondfire Is BACK

I’m bout to throw on my brightest neon tanktop and hit the Caf for some loco mocos real quick because my one true love in life is back in the game. Blondfire is BACK with a heater, their first release since 2017.

And they are back IN SHAPE. Smooth but impactful, as always.

Anyways the reason I am writing this in my neon green tank that now fits more like a corset is because Blondfire’s first two singles DEFINED my freshman year of college. I’d be walking around, overzealously waving hi to everyone in my classes, staring at trees and realizing that life is all connected and that we are all one in a series of hundreds of mind-blowing epiphanies, and consuming more protein powder than solid food and often times I would be hitting some Blondfire HARD. This one is my favorite, and is also a top 30 or so in my top 100 tracks of the decade:

This amongst many other classics are here on me and Chelsea’s (who’s a board member, or something, I’m not really sure what she does but she’s an integral Indie Pong team member) college indie playlist.

For some reason I associate these songs a lot with transporting myself from A to B, meaning a lot of walks through campus and a lot of bike rides on my red bike that got stolen from Subway with the book rack on the side (you know who you are you thief bastard), idk why, go figure. This is the other one:

These tracks just exude the early 2010’s indie pop vibe. There might even be a way, possibly, that you could say these tracks directly contributed to me eventually going and starting this blog. Early indie vibes to the max.

Anyways, Blondfire’s back and we can’t wait to hear more.

For reference (me and Chelsea):

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