New Music Flavor – Best Of blink-182

Now that I finally have time to practice standard self-care habits such as sleeping, eating 3 meals a day, stretching and exercising daily, and regularly raiding my costume bin – I’m starting to be able to focus more clearly on the future rather than living life in weekly segments.

Big future plans that I’ve finally been able to solidify include career steps, building stronger and longer lasting relationships, 100 million trips to take, and really nailing down my Halloween costume. I never make any purchases for Halloween as I have quite a robust selection of costumes on hand, but this year is a curve ball overall so I’m just getting wild over here.

In honor of the 21st anniversary of blink-182’s Enema Of The State this June, you bet your mutter forking arse that I’m going as the nurse. Yes, blink-182 is my favorite band. Yes, Travis Barker is my favorite musician and first love. Yes, this was my first favorite album.  And yes, I like the former blink-182 best. TOM MARK AND TRAVIS FOR LIFE.

For some reason in America, 21 is an important milestone. (Sidenote, what a weird time it would be to turn 21 – “happy birthday, continue drinking cheap vodka in your bedroom like you did yesterday”).

In turn, these songs have also gotten me through the hardest moments of growth and trauma. If you’re struggling during this pandemic, hopefully these songs can help heal your bleeding heart. (Remember, reformed emo kid over here with a flower in my hair).

So please enjoy this personalized list of the *classy-ics* (get it?). Exclusively, you’ll find tracks from Enema Of The State, Take Off Your Pants And Jacket, Cheshire Cat, Dude Ranch and Greatest Hits.


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