New Music Flavor – St Francis Motel, Portugal. The Man “Milkshake (Remix)”

St Francis Motel and Portugal. The Man dropped the Two Another remix of their track “Milkshake” today, and I can guarantee it’s the dreamiest milkshake you’ll have all summer.

If you can’t quite place St Francis Motel, the London-based duo have worked with both U2 and Billy Idol. Click here for a more extensive history.

It’s everything you ask for in a rooftop jam sesh – upbeat tempo with bits of jazzy flair, catchy milkshake lyrics, and something I like to call the “slinky factor”.  Quarantine poses an unfair analysis of how hard this bop hits. I’m sure if social distancing wasn’t a factor, this milkshake would have brought all the boys to the yard. Go ahead and add this to all your summer playlists.

Their debut album We Fall Together dropped during the first official week of quarantine and it is most certainly deserving a listen in its entirety. Along with the album came this magical music video for “Milkshake”. You’re welcome, eyeballs.

“We Fall Together (We Fall Apart)” is a great song to listen to while doing yoga (since we’re all yogis now workin’ on that daily flow) or when you get back on the road. The world might not be back to normal yet, but traffic sure is. I genuinely think once we are officially let back into the wild, all of LA’s worst drivers are going to crash and burn at the center and cause a new form of an apocalyptic nightmare. Does anyone know how to drive anymore? Could anyone even drive before?

Now, just for fun, let’s end with one of my favorite Portugal. The Man albums In the Mountain in the Cloud. There is so much depth to their lyrics, you’ll find some of their timeless themes resonate now almost a decade later.

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