Black Dresses Have Broken Up And I Am Sad

If you know me you know that I may huge black dresses fan, and many people might even say that my black dresses T-shirt is one of the only five shirts that I own. Black dresses has broken up and removed all of their music from spotted by and YouTube.

This is devastating news. Black Dresses has long talked about rampant online bullying, which sucks. All we can do is try to be better, wish the best for Dev and Rook, and support both of them in their upcoming solo careers.

The silver lining is that so far the solo music is absolutely fire. We got this one recently from girl rituals:

Here is an advanced link to Ada Rook’s upcoming album as well:

A little more here from some members of the Black Dresses fan community.

Although I live in LA and black dresses is not made a trip out here yet, I was planning on going to New YorkTwo weeks agoOr my sister’s graduation, and was ecstatic to find that black dresses was going to be opening for sleigh bells while I was there in Brooklyn Brooklyn Brooklyn Brooklyn get to see the show, I will always love you black dresses. In memoriam, allow me share three of my favorite Black Dresses songs with you:

And finally, one last emotional one to play us out. Thank you black dresses, You will be missed 🙁

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