New Music Flavor – Kyle Nicolaides “Sedona”

Today, Kyle Nicolaides graced us with his first independent track in years, “Sedona”, shedding a ray of light in this currently dark and strange wash of days we’ve all been lost in.

Serving as aloe for the soul, this track is as self-aware and honest as it is beautiful. Of the song, Kyle says “I somehow managed to get this out of my head & into a recorded format, now maybe you can find a small place for it in your heart. Here’s to big beautiful new beginnings.” At a time when we need it most, Kyle shares a piece of his poetic soul.

I find myself again // After years of being inked in someone else’s pen

It’s so beautifully written,you catch that “aha” moment of understanding exactly what he’s saying, even though your journey may be different.

If this wonderfully Greek name sounds familiar, you might recognize him from Beware of Darkness, The Martyrs, or even The Cosmic Revelators. An oldie but goodie, listen to “Howl” for some classic throwback Kyle vibes.

Now spending time on his solo career and personal growth, he embodies everything that drew me to the music industry to begin with – using the power of music to heal both the self and others.

I’m running on dreams // And I’ve got all I need

In his own words, Kyle is “off somewhere smiling at a flower” – as a reformed emo kid with a flower in my hair, it’s no wonder I’m drawn to this artist. There are few other people I can say have truly been through such growth as both an artist and as a human. He understands discipline and the importance of listening to what your body and heart are trying to tell you, two things that are quite obvious once you hear his music.

“Sedona” is one of those songs where it feels almost tragic to put my own words against it as it clearly speaks for itself. Hear from Kyle Nicolaides himself tomorrow on the Indie Pong Instagram account for an IG Live interview at 3pm PST.

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