Dehd, a Chicago Treasure

Uh oh… guess who’s in Los Angeles. IT’S ME BAAAABY. And while I’m in L.A., I have decided to write a blog post that is so aggressively Chicago it would bring a tear to the eye of any south-side volunteer fireman. So, kick back, grease your mustache, grab a Portillo’s Italian Beef and an ice-cold Schlitz, then light a cigar. Da’ bears, da’ bulls, da’ sausage. Fuck the Packers. Let’s ride.

This is the second blog post I’ve written about Dehd, a mainstay in the Chicago DIY music scene. To be completely clear: I am a Dehd superfan and so should you. They are as cool as the other side of Jay Cutler’s pillow; as smooth as an Old Style on a Saturday afternoon; as dark and grimy as a basement dive full of old men and regret (Dad?). It has been said, that Dehd can make even Malort taste good. Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself. This three-part band specializes in a stripped-down sound with some objectively weird vocals. It’s some very cool stuff, and if you disagree, then you are not cool, and you can’t eat with us.

June 17th, 2020 will be a day to be remembered and celebrated. No, it’s not Pulaski Day. Good guess though. It’s the day that Dehd released their EP/Single for their upcoming album, “Flower of Devotion”, which I have preordered on a limited-edition neon green splattered vinyl. Swag.

The first song on this EP is “Flood”. Off the bat I’m getting some serious 80’s goth rock vibes. I can see a woman emerging from the mist of Lower Wacker Drive. She’s dressed in a flowing black lace dress, like a classy vampire. “Flood” begins to play. The cars roll past, as our vampire queen moves in slow motion. Out there looking like a damn Tim Burton character. Gradually, she breaks into dance as the song builds. It’s an awkward, yet mesmerizing dance; you move closer. She glides through time and space, like the dark sewer waters of the Chicago River. You’re completely transfixed. She’s behind you now. You open your mouth to scream. The screen goes black. << Scene >>

Do they award no contact Pulitzers? Well, I’d rather have a Pritzker anyways. Well, maybe Pritzker money…

Next up, we have “Loner”. First off, reward yourself and take a minute to watch the ART that is this music video. I’ll wait.

Lots of milk in that video, huh? Fun fact, that’s how us Midwest folk survive the cold winters. Our bodies are always at least 50% lukewarm whole milk. Lactose intolerance is for the faint of heart. Drink your milk and shit your brains out. It builds character. Stop complaining.

This song really hits on everything I love about Dehd. Jason Balla’s guitar line is sharp but smooth, like a tub of room temperature Merkts Cheddar. Emily Kempf hits us with some of here patented weird vocal intonations that really shouldn’t work, but damnit they do. It makes no damn sense, but I like it. I like it a lot.

I hope all of you enjoyed reading this. If you would like to learn more about all of the Chicago references, then please navigate yourself to and leave Mates and myself alone.

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