New Music Flavor – Dua Saleh “ROSETTA”

Hey what’s up you classy cats, been a minute since I’ve seen you. There’s a lot going on in the world right now, and I’ll be honest with you – I let it get the best of me for a couple weeks there. But what better to revive you from a sunken funk and what better to revolutionize the world other than music?

Are you ready for your next adventure? Dua Saleh’s ROSETTA is day changing, life changing, perhaps world changing? Especially the track “umbrellar”. Why do I listen to this track on repeat for hours at a time acting like I’m a conductor while completely sober? I don’t have the answer, but maybe you will if you give it a go. It’s addicting. They are addicting. “umbrellar” is addicting. Maybe I’m just looking for a reviving drug, some kind of antidote to help make sense of what’s going on and how to move forward in the most effective and empowering way possible. Either way, word vomit aside, mother forking DUA SALEH.  

Last pint from that last night // I don’t know if that was real // And I swear I’m superstitious // Bout her sex appeal //Last blunt from that last night //I don’t know if that was real // When she brought her wand out // I knew I had lost our deal

You know them by now, so they don’t need much of an introduction. But to those of you late to the party, welcome, season’s greetings, please meet the cat scratchin’ Dua. Sudanese-American, currently based in Minneapolis, they/them, rad, artistic human.

Mixing various elements – rap, siCk aS$ BeaTzzzz, sensuality, rage, blunts, some casual tongue rolls, groovy arms, some slink, resistance, curiosity, brilliance, exceptional lyrics, rough and rugged, etc. A classic case of genre-less fever.

I’m old school and still appreciate and prefer the beauty of a project start to finish, so without further ado – ROSETTA. Different flavors with each track, rounding out for a delightful ear meal. As always, none of my word vomit could possibly do them justice – so please, bless your ears and decide for yourself.

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