Let’s Chill with Mates: Just About Jones (Studio Barnhus)

This is a new column I’m writing where I highlight chill songs to vibe to. Think that scene in rick and morty where the fart cloud takes morty on a wild ride through interdimensional time and space as Bret from Flight of the Conchords sings, but like, not funny, just relaxing.

I know I have a lot of columns, but a good blog is like a building, lots of columns and like… it’s hard to get in and like… it’s better if there’s good restaurants nearb- it supports lots of businesses (there it is…?). If I had made this column earlier I would have put my Kelpe review in it, but alas.


The song we’re talking about here is ‘Just About Jones’ by Ada, Pedro, Just About Jones. And damn.


^this is the first post I’m writing on my phone so bare with me on the formatting here.

This song is just absolutely GORGEOUS. It’s a perfect symphony of soothing sounds that somehow come together with such an energetic emphasis that it’s equal parts stimulating and relaxing. Really love this one.

I’ve been a fan of the Stockholm label Studio Barnhus for a long time now. Check out there stuff on Bandcamp and buy some stuff ;). Via Bandcamp:

Studio Barnhus is a record label, a dj trio, a music studio on Barnhusgatan in Stockholm, maybe a little party every once in a while. In its simplest form it’s what happens when founders Axel Boman, Kornél Kovács and Petter Nordkvist hang out. In the widest sense it’s a global collective of music lovers who since 2010 have put over 80 records and all sorts of art into the world.

They recently released this compilation featuring some biggies like Laurence Guy, Bella Boo, Superpitcher, Baba Stiltz, and Axel and Kornell themselves. The compilation as a whole is wonderful, soothing ya through this strenuous and unpredictable time in life with some velvet smooth new cuts.

My other favorite here is Pedrodollar’s Unicorns & Drivebys which I’m just in love with.

Unbelievable track here from the long time bottom of the festival lineup but now emersive force Pedrodollars. This track creates a cinematic tone that you don’t always get from a song. Personally it reminds me of Jean-Jacques Beneix’s Betty Blue (which I never would have seen if I didn’t go to film school but I did so I talk about it all the time). Really feeling this one too.

Now without further ado, let’s chill.

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