New Music Flavor – Just To Recap

As much as I love a good full length album, let’s recap on some dope tracks from recent days. Check your sanity at the door, make way for some grooves.

OBVIOUSLY we are going to start with blink-182’s “Quarantine”. Classic. Fuck quarantine. (But also, please keep quarantining and wearing masks).

I’m late to the game, but HELLLOOOOOO Cloudy June. You are what my ears and tippy toes have been waiting for. Favorite new find of the week. Oh, did I mention she used to be a death metal singer for years?!

Josh Dominguez gets real floaty with “Mijo Pt. 1” – def a rooftop chill kinda vibe. Get down. *read more on Josh on burt’s article.

pee pee poo poo pistachios – beabadoobee’s “Sorry” is not only a great tune, but the video kicks a$$.

FINALLY – mmmore mmmonika! Just a groovy little number to strut to during a social distancing stroll.

Uno mas, here’s “Monte Carlo” from Remi Wolf.

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