Is This Amnesia Scanner Song Polarizing?

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When I first heard this song I absolutely lost it, immediate SOTY contender for me. But it was recently brought to my attention that it is not as immediately gratifying as I thought to everyone, as my repeated attempts to get the boys on board this weekend came up short.

So I never would have guessed this but I guess Amnesia Scanner is polarizing? Who knew. I always thought in terms of popular music we were looking at:

Listen to Lady Gaga's brand new album 'Chromatica'
Roddy Ricch - The Box | Lyrics Review and Song Meaning - Justrandomthings
Arizona Zervas - ROXANNE (Lyrics) - YouTube
Post Malone - Wikipedia
The Weeknd on 'American Dad' and What Most People Don't Know About Him -  Variety
Doja Cat - Home | Facebook

And then:

Amnesia Scanner: Tearless Album Review | Pitchfork

But I guess I’m wrong? We aren’t all down, and we would rather have Stephen play Marvin Gaye AGAIN then delve into this AS song?

Who knew. Stephen can just DJ then.

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