Jay Z traded the rights to Kanye’s masters to Def Jam

via Live N’ Direct Hip Hop

Some details came out in Kanye’s contract dump, and it appears that Jay Z traded the masters to Kanye’s first 6 albums to Def Jam AKA Universal in exchange for his own. Now this is contentious, because Def Jam is almost definitely never going to sell these to Kanye.

I’m basically the biggest Kanye fan in the world having grown up in Evanston and College Dropout being the first explicit album I ever bought when I was in middle school, but I’ll admit that Kanye is acting like a huge asshole with this presidential election thing and that it’s frankly very unbecoming. But I think we’d be overlooking the big picture if we labeled ALL of Kanye’s subsequent actions in the past week as “crazy” when he’s doing a lot of unprecedented things to shake things up.

Marshmello came to Kanye’s defense about shedding light on a long-lasting industry problem in the midst of Kanye calling the music industry a form of slavery:

So not to defend all of his actions (I personally am pretty unhappy with his whole presidential campaign) but it’s always good to take a closer look.

Which masters would you rather have- Kanye’s albums or Jay Z’s?

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