New Music Flavor – B & the Hive “Heart Beat”

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It’s hard to know what existence is these days – are we here? Are we gone? Is my heart still beating? THANK GOODNESS B & the Hive pulled through with their new EP “Heart Beat” to serve as a sonic defibrillator.

California cruisin’ kids, B & the Hive are best known for their ethereal and inspiring tunes as well as their strong sense of community. With the release of Give Love, they prompted fans to send in submissions for the music video WHICH IS ONE OF MY ALL TIME FAVORITE MUSIC VIDEO SITUATIONS. In the famous words of Marie Kondo, these buzzin’ bees sure do “spark joy”.

Don’t just take my word for it – check out what all the buzz is about for yourself!

PS Stay Tuned…..a little bee told me the Hive may make a pitstop on Indie Pong on their way to the Queen Bee’s hive.

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