“I’m Tiger Lili now” -Probably Lili Trifilio

I don’t think I will do a gimmick on this article. Just gonna talk about music. That’s it. Let’s see how this goes…

So, I’m here to review a pretty cool song, “Lightning” by Tiger Lili. Tiger Lili is a side project from Lili Trifilio, of Beach Bunny fame and splendor. “Lightning” takes on a much lighter sound than a lot of Beach Bunny’s stuff. I’m sad-boy and I love the angry/emo stuff, but I dig this too. It’s called layers, people.


It’s as if Beach Bunny found themselves on their beach with a little MDMA and ABBA’s “Take a Chance on Me”. Everything’s just a bit brighter from there on. “I’m Tiger Lili now” -probably Lili Trifilio.

One thing I love about all of Lili’s stuff with Beach Bunny is that 95% of the songs have a break down that would culminate in 12-year-old me yelling “DAAAAD”, then punching a wall way too softly. Here for it.  I’m talking Rearview, 6 Weeks, Prom Queen, Promises… must I go on? When I was listening to “Lightning” I was getting super bummed out. Like, where’s the breakdown? I need that shit.

We enter into a spoken word bridge. Beautiful, but it’s not a break down and I’m starting to freak out. Did this new lighter direction spoil the angst filled rage nuggets that I live for?

Nah. We’re good.

It’s right around the 2:00 mark that it all starts to happen. Mates, I’m going to talk about sounds, look away.

By far, the most electronic leaning I’ve heard on any of Lili’s earlier stuff. But it works. I like it. I’m a flexible guy after all. OH! Guitar. Definitely powerful, but still subdued. We’re marking down a 5 on the thrash meter on this one. Much in the ilk of the rest of the song; it’s not holding back, it’s just a bit calmer.

It’s all starting to meld together I can feel it start to form in the depths of my sternum, bubbling up through my windpipe. I can’t. Hold it. Back… “DAAAAAAAAAD!!!” Big wind up with a small tippy tap on the wall. It may not be the most aggressive breakdown/outro that I’ve heard via Lili Trifilio (see Beach Bunny), but it does the trick. I am satiated, I am happy, and this song is just lovely.

Also, if you have a friend or a family member that is a teacher, give them a well distanced hug and beverage of their choice. Mine is Malort, because I have issues.

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