Metal in the Morning – Ulver’s “Russian Doll”

Ulver is one of my favorite bands in part because they are always evolving and refuse to be pigeon-holed. Their early records in the 90’s such as “Bergtatt” are atmospheric black metal but through the years, they’ve quickly shifted gears into new (yet organic) territory on each subsequent release. 2017’s masterful “The Assassination of Julius Caesar” saw the band give synth-pop a try and the results were stunning. On their latest album, “Flowers of Evil”, Ulver continues in the same vein as the previous album but goes in a somewhat darker, more melancholy direction. As always, the band never fails to impress and they even included a fantastic book about the history of the group.

One of the tracks on the album I enjoy the most is “Russian Doll”. Check out the music video below and if you like what you hear, support Ulver on their Bandcamp page.

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