Sunday Tuesday George is out of control

Who does George think he is, changing the date of his weekly post around all the time. Classy Cassie and I were discussing today the boulder rolling down a hill that is George right now.

George’s assent into blog stardom started with his extremely well written and often emotionally charged ‘Sunday With George’ reviews, hence the nickname Sunday George. As the fame continued to engulf him alive he branched out and started a new column- ‘Tuesday Time Machine’, curated playlists from different years every Tuesday, which skyrocketed in views (he just started a playlist if you want to follow along), extending his nickname to Sunday Tuesday George. But now he’s trying to take over Mondays as well with his new (Monday) Tuesday Time Machine and I frankly have no idea what’s going on anymore. That’s basically half of the week, completely taken over. I honestly think he let the internet fame go to his head thought he could take over the whole week, he ‘got too big’ as they say.

Basically this is what happened to George in gifs:

Lindsay Lohan Eating Alone GIF - LindsayLohan EatingAlone MeanGirls -  Discover & Share GIFs
Sunday With George
Shut Up! GIF - MeanGirls Cafeteria ShutUp - Discover & Share GIFs
Tuesday Time Machine
Mean Girls' Turns 10: The Iconic Movie As Told In 35 GIFs | StyleCaster
(Monday) Tuesday Time Machine (wtf)

Anyways I don’t know what to do about this unhinged poly-columnist anymore. Cassie has some thoughts too or Cassie said some great thoughts above depending on which one of these she puts on top.


This is an outrage.

Where does it end, George? WHERE DOES IT END?

Are you trying to be an entire calendar? Do we call you 2020 George?

At this point, it feels like a personal attack on the other days of the week. Are you Days-ist? That’s not very PC, man.

Is this the mf’n Days Inn? This playlist is dedicated to the MADNESS that Sunday Tuesday Monday George has ignited.


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