Four Tet and Madlib made an album together

This is pretty yuge news. Imagine the sick genius who made this:

And the all time great producer who made these beats:

Coming together to make an album…. like what? Sounds like a passing drunk thought that everyone in the room emphatically agrees upon before throwing Harold’s on at the afterparty. By the way speaking of Harold’s, I’d just like to put it on record that I’m pretty happy about the now not-so-recent opening of the Harold’s in LA. I grew up with Chicken Shack in Evanston so I’m all about some Harold’s, and imo it’s up to par. Even if I have to take out a small bank loan in order to go, it’s still worth it.

Another Harold’s story: me and my current roommate and business partner actually met via the song Harold’s. Back in our talent agency days he was playing it late one night out loud, which led to a hastily network-y invitation to get fried chicken at Honey Kettle, which led to a sad and cringe story about how he once ran to the store and bought pretzels for this girl Nikki one time so that she didn’t have to take her Advil on an empty stomach amidst a diatribe about how to get ahead at the agency, which led to us talking about hip hop and sports and him declining my invite to see Joey Bada$$ at the Echo, which led to us ultimately becoming friends and working and living together.

Standing Room Only: Harold's Chicken Shack | Chicago | Chicago food, Chicken  shack, Chicken

Anyways, stoked for this album.

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