Top Ten Mates Related Songs

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Hello everyone,

I’m sure now that you’ve seen the absolute hit job on my meme that can only conservatively be called iconic, one of one, pure gold. So, as a music blogger I’ve decided to take the high road and write a blog about, you guessed it, music!

With no further ado, here are the top ten songs that remind me of Mates:

  1. Go Your Own Way – Fleetwood Mac
  2. Disciple – Slayer
  3. Ether – Nas
  4. Where Eagles Dare – The Misfits
  5. Never Fight a Man With a Perm – Idles
  6. Happy Holidays, You Bastard – Blink 182
  7. Executioners Tax – Power Trip
  8. Take a Step Back – Ski Mask Tha Slump God feat XXXtentacion
  9. Bodies – Drowning Pool
  10. F*** You – Gnarls Barkley

There ya go. That’s the blog.

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