‘CHRYSALIS’ – Tia Gostelow

Blogging this post with the election on in the background (it’s really close, yikes). This is a near perfect pop album that blends an original voice with a welcomed nostalgic early 2000s indie sound, basically my ideal pop album. It’s almost got that beach pop vibe going kind of like Summer Camp. Here’s banger number one:

Also this is cool, I just found that Tia does a track by track breakdown on YouTube which means I don’t even have to do my job, the heavy lifting has already been done.

This album really is amazing, there are no skips. It’s just banger after banger. Here is some completely original writing I did about Tia to give you some background:

Before you ask YES I’ve already sent this to our new resident pop expert Karl Octagon. Also in reference to the above text that I wrote myself and didn’t take from Spotify I actually know a thing or two about Paradigm, used to WORK THERE actually. If you sent mail to Paradigm in 2014 I likely had hands on it while wearing the most expensive suit I could afford and power-walking from mailbox to mailbox to make a good impression. Gotta start somewhere, right? 😉

Here’s banger number 2:

On ‘Chrysalis’ Tia shows off a rare aptitude of accessing emotional depth while maintaining the contradictory nonchalance that makes this album cool. I highly recommend checking out the whole album, it’s fist pumpers from start to finish.

In typical Mates fashion banger number 3 is the pallet cleanser of the album, it just blew me away:

Anyways, amazing album that admirably continues to elevate 2020 as a behemoth year for pop music albeit a shit year otherwise.

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