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Hi everyone… I find this track today, the debut track for this girl Katja Nielsen that also is a singer and bassist for Arre! Arre! The point is that with this lockdown she has so much free time (instead of turning with the last year Arre! Arre! album or their new EP) so she starts this solo project called She/Beast.

She releases today as the lead single of the upcoming EP In The Deeps of Misery the track The Sadness Will Last Forever, the 5 tracks EP drops December 11, 2020.

Katja was diagnosed with bipolar disorder so in her own words “Writing music has always been a coping strategy for me. Feelings get bottled up in a very destructive way if I don’t write a song about something I’m going through.”

You can find this track in Playlist Debut Bands (Of The Radar)

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