100 Undergroud Tracks 2020

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November 09, 2020, Fifth batch for this sick Playlist #100undergroundtracks2020, time for these 9 bands with the track that I enjoy the most and already locked a place here (45 already) #showlove

37.- Like A Motorcicly Swept Out

38.- Annabel Lee Se You Naked

39.- T-A Far Away

40.- Basic Plumbing As You Disappear

41.- Sarchasm When’s My Right Time Kent?

42.- The Sceptics Indecisive

43.- No Aloha He Bleeds

44.- Honey, Be Well   Late Night Calls

45.- Cobra  Shredd

NO YOUTUBE LINK FOR THIS TRACK, instead this interview released last week

The whole 45 tracks are here in this Playlist

Stream, Support, Share and enjoy it!!!

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