Best New Tracks 11/10/20

Updated the playlist a few days ago, who needs some new tunes?

Follow along here on our playlist that gets updated weekly(ish):

This one actually isn’t on the playlist because I just discovered it today (sorry to be immediately confusing):

‘wish u were here’ – grouptherapy.

This album is dope. I don’t want to inundate you with backstory but here’s grouptherapy.’s backstory on Spotify:

Hope that was helpful, great album.

‘illusion’ – Grayson, Uruguay, Danny Denial

Uh… WHAT?! Absolutely gorgeous, accurately representative of the troubling state that the world, you, and I are all feeling, while also being a cathartic journey to resolution. Now…

We were fortunate enough to have our good friend Stepha from Uruguay take over our Instagram and host an interview with both Grayson and Danny Denial, and it was an amazing evening. We laughed, we cried, dug deep. Peep the full interview on our Instagram, and here are some teasers I selected below:

Frankly though I’d be selling you short if I didn’t throw some related bangers from Grayson, Uruguay, and Danny Denial on here.

‘Rented Rooms’ – HESS

Extremely quality song, one of those music speaks for itself situations imo.

‘Same Place’ – Tia Gostelow

Really loved this album, full review here.

‘There’s No Need’ – Silver Liz

If you know me you know this right up my alley. I’m just a warehouse party center-dancefloor dancer trying to make ends meet in the lucrative* indie music blog business, so this pretty much checks all my boxes. I had a nice chat with one of the members of duo Silver Liz and they’re Chicago based (ayyoooooo) so extra love. Now as you all know by now I don’t like to take an amazing out of body experience of a song and try to designate it with genre and superfluous adjectives, so instead I’m going to line up some of my favorite songs that this reminds me of (off the top of my head):

‘Inferno’ – Zlutz

‘Vanished’ – Crystal Castles

‘Dawntown’ – Godford

‘Fifa22’ – Dank Neighbourhood

Fiya Viceland GIF - Fiya Viceland - Discover & Share GIFs

Dope album, there’s another track off it below. Big shoutout to one of my faovrite playlists IndieZA which highlights best new tracks from South Africa, this week they turned up big with some dank ass neighbourhood and Ruff Majik below.

‘Cross That Line’ – DeJ Loaf

So fire. Whole album was great (I know I sound like a broken record but it’s true). DeJ Loaf had one of my favorite songs of 2015:

‘Gregory’ – Ruff Majik

This album was a blast, old school super indie rock vibes and I straight up love it. Reminds me of Parlor Mob in their prime when me and the homies were sneaking already warm Keystones into Lollapalooza at noon and having the time of our lives.

‘If You Love Me’ – Melody Gardot

Alright straight up there’s no way this song is from this year, right? I have notoriously bad cover radar (been caught a few times this year on the playlist) and Sunday Tuesday George’s little brother calls me out on it all the time. He’s this annoying little kid who bothers us all the time but it’s cool because we love Sunday Tuesday George.

This wraps up the selection for this week(ish), don’t forget to blast that <3 button on the playlist for weekly(ish) updates.

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