New Music Flavor – BENEE “Hey u x”

BENEE, or as I like to call her, the one positive outbreak of 2020, is off the chaaaaaaaaarts. One killer after the next. Today’s wonderful Friday the 13th brought us her latest album “Hey u x”.

BENEE has been kicking major a$$ the last couple years, and if the name sounds slightly familiar, it’s probably because you’ve seen her pop up on all your favorite playlists. ALL of them.

This album breathes life into me today, as it starts off strong with “Happen To Me” – a track that validates all the new and strange anxieties that have creeped into my life, and possibly yours. I never considered myself to be someone who suffered from anxiety, but all bets are off currently. She covers death and the final thoughts that come with the end of life, but the song is so far reaching – who can honestly say they haven’t let their worries and concerns about the future get ahead of themselves in the past few months? Sometimes I go weeks without sleeping and eating without even realizing it. We’ve all got something on our minds lately, and when the world seems like it’s crumbling without control, it’s hard to manage the daily stressors.

“I think about these things too much / my mind likes to wind itself up

And I don’t get a lot of sleep/ cus what if they happen to me”

Another stand out track is Supalonely ft. Gus Dapperton – because need I say more? It starts off with lyrics “I know I fucked up, I’m just a loser” and I was pretty confused at first. I didn’t remember writing a dope song about myself with dear Gus…..

“I’m a sad girl, in this big world, it’s a mad world”

…………………………same. * initiate emo kid seaweed arms *

Before leaving you with the final album, one last highlight – “Plain ft. Lily Allen & Flo Milli”. So many dope m’fers on this album. How do I get invited in to this cool club?

Okay thanks for chilling with today’s word spittle, here’s the full album.

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  1. I love this album!!! I am in awe of her getting Lily Allen, Flo Milli, Grimes and Kenny Beats all on this one record?!

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