Sunday Tuesday George released an album, and it’s a ride

Our very own Sunday Tuesday George released a psychadelic instrumental album that’s somewhere between Flying Lotus and SOPHIE and I’m honestly here for it. I’m sure there are better comps for this, crazy psychadelic instrumentals aren’t my area of expertise. It’s actually probably more in the realm of James Ferraro/Aphex Twin. It’s a wild ride, just look at the tracklist:

00:00:00 – Pembroke Pines Ex Plus Alpha Turbo Championship Edition (feat. HaleyHammerhand)
00:04:28 – 30ft Giant Virgo Girl
00:09:26 – A Traditional Dade County Greeting (feat. HaleyHammerhand)
00:14:52 – Computer People
00:16:38 – Hanshin Tigers (feat. HaleyHammerhand)
00:21:04 – Lizard Criminals (feat. HaleyHammerhand)
00:25:52 – The Gate Opens At 7000 (feat. HaleyHammerhand)

Some really fun stuff on here. I knew STG was a musician because he does some really cool stuff with one of projects La Seine, which is awesome stuff, but I did not see this coming. This means that the whole time STG has been blogging with us he’s had this musicianship just stewing in the back of his head, dying to come out.

Tiny Rick Let Me Out on Make a GIF

Makes me wonder what the rest of the team has going on behind the driven exploration of new music that we do here at Indie Pong- is BPMHill holding back his own thrash metal demon screaming as he types? Is Karl Octagon a secret pop superstar just waiting to be discovered? Does Cassie stay up late at night writing emo lyrics in a small book that she keeps in a lockbox in her closet? (probably yes for the last one tbh). There is genius afoot amongst the Indie Pong staff I guess, who knew? This guy…

A little more info about the album:

Ligier Countach is a collaborative effort between George and his buddy Sean Lynch from college, which sees them joined by Sean’s girlfriend, Hayley Rheinhart on violin.

Splitting production duties between the two of them, both Sean and George handle drum duties, with Sean also handling synths and effects, and George handling guitar, and some of the keyboard/synths in, ’30ft Giant Virgo Girl.’

The tracks were assembled at a distance, shot back and forth over the internet between Illinois, Minnesota, and Colorado.

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