Different Kind of Christmas 2020

Different Kind of Christmas

December’s here sings New Found Glory titled track for their newest release and guess what? They’re right.

Like me friend Nick told me yesterday “It’s like I’m in mood for Christmas music or f**k Christmas music it’s like one extreme or another. Like wanna participate in Christmas activities to put Christmas music on otherwise nope” and I’m pretty sure his right too.

Baby Queen Santa Baby

How about you? How are you feeling? Feeling the spirit or like the Leeds band Living Body and their unreleased yet track Don’t Kill Yourself (It’s Christmas) dropping this Friday on Bandcamp and next week for Spotify, I can tell you it’s great track talking about the mood a lot of people are experimenting these “Corona Virus” crazy times.

Katie Pederson Christmas Star

Anyway, I have a few tracks recently released that you might find interesting to listen to…

Gary Barlow Incredible Christmas

Seluna Hopes and Dreams (Christmas Time)

Annikya Jayne My Christmas Wish

And a tone more tracks in this Playlist

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